Interview with Kyle Carlson

Ο Kyle Carlson ήταν ο φωτογράφος που συνόδεψε το Daniel Dhers στην Ελλάδα και αποθανάτισε όλες τις καλές στιγμές που είχαν για το Vitalbmx. Δείτε την δικιά του πλευρά πως πέρασε μια εβδομάδα στην Ελλάδα. text credits:Riskofcollision.


1. Hi guys, where are you currently at now?

I am currently at my home in beautiful San Diego, California.

2. Can you please give us a better understanding of the reasons you decide to visit Greece? How did you decide to come in Athens and why this time of the year?

Daniel wanted to go somewhere warm(ish) during winter and the idea of Greece came up. Neither of us had ever been and we were stoked to check out a new place. Like everyone else in the world, I spent a lot of my youth learning about Greece’s history and was excited to experience some of it for myself. Mix that in with some BMX and you’ve got all of the ingredients for a great trip!

3. In 7 days you guys manage to visit some of the most popular spots in Athens and not only. Which one was your favorite and why?

It’s not in Athens, but BluEnigma was incredible. There’s definitely nothing else like that in the world. What Nikos has created on the island is absolutely breathtaking.

4. You both have travel all around the world and witnessed some crazy shit and some of the biggest, wildest BMX scenes. Can you please give us a better explanation of the scene in Greece? I mean if someone would ask you describe the scene here what would you tell him? Was it as you expected in terms of riding level, vibe, hospitality etc.?

Minus a few small rifts, Athens has a great, tight-knit scene of riders working towards the common goal of having fun. From the underground mini ramp, to the different dirt spots, to Bogiatiland, so much of what the guys ride was hand-built by the riders. There’s a lot of dedication within the scene and it shows in their pride and dedication to keeping things moving. Daniel and I were met with very welcoming vibes and the utmost hospitality. The riders went far out of their way to make us feel welcome and accommodate us.

5. Unfortunately, drama in BMX is everywhere and I'm sure you've notice some here too. Do you have any advice for the younger generation and the riders around Greece?

Regardless of where BMX takes you, we all get into it for the same reason - fun. I think it’s important to never lose sight of that. Unfortunately, we’re all going to have plenty of drama in our lives. Let’s keep BMX fun!

6. Favorite and worst moment during the trip?

Everything was great, but the entire trip to Andros really stands out to me as the highlight. It’s hard to pick a least-favorite moment. Sleeping a bit more could have been nice. It’s too easy to be out until 6:00am!

7. From your point of view can we do something to improve and make things better?

Everything is solid. Squashing the few small beefs amongst the crews would be the only thing I could think of. With everyone riding and building together, great things are bound to happen.

8. Anything else would you like to add? Any last words?

Thank you to everyone who made our trip to Athens great - especially Chris and Marios! I can’t begin to thank everyone enough and look forward to making it back out there very soon. Yamas!