Interview with Daniel Dhers

Διαβάστε την συνέντευξη του Daniel Dhers και πως αποφάσισε ένας από τους καλύτερους αθλητές παγκοσμίως να έρθει στην Ελλάδα. text credits:Riskofcollision.


1. Hi guys, where are you currently at now?

Im finally home in North Carolina but Im heading out to Munich tomorrow for ISPO.

2. Can you please give us a better understanding of the reasons you decide to visit Greece? How did you decide to come in Athens and why this time of the year?

I knew I wanted to go somewhere in January and do something different, earlier last year Marios hit me up with some pictures of spots around Greece so I kept it in my thoughts. I mentioned it to Kyle because we’ve been talking about going somewhere for a long time but I thought he wasn’t going to get interested. In like November we talked about it and decided on going and Marios happened to hit me up around the same time so things just started falling into place. It made sense because of the spots, the history and also because I already knew some people like Chris Martatos which I met 11 years ago at Woodward and never saw him again, Ive also stayed in touch with Panos Manaras so it was a win/win/win situation to come visit.

3. In 7 days you guys manage to visit some of the most popular spots in Athens and not only. Which one was your favourite and why?

I think every spot had its unique feel and story. We went to KOS Backyard for some riding and a BBQ which was awesome. Rode the “Warehouse” which I thought I was going to get my organs removed when I first walk in the woods in the dark haha. Ive been wanting to go Bogaitiland for a long time and it didn’t disappoint, we had a pretty sweet mini spine session and got to watch Panos ride his own place. Paradise trails were really fun with another BBQ and some sweet jumps, I had so much fun I even did my first 720 on a dirt jump there! An Honorary mention to another place we couldn’t believe it exists even though not in Athens it was the Enigma bowl! I seriously can’t believe how crazy the place is and the amount of effort Nick has put into this to make it happen! It’s definitely in my top 3 most unique places I’ve ever ridden!

4. You both have travel all around the world and witnessed some crazy shit and some of the biggest, wildest BMX scenes. Can you please give us a better explanation of the scene in Greece? I mean if someone would ask you describe the scene here what would you tell him? Was it as you expected in terms of riding level, vibe, hospitality etc.?

Greece has been one of my best trips! Most places that you go everyone is always waiting for somebody else to build them spots, not here, everyone gets to work and create whatever they can which makes the scene much tighter. Everyone is motivated to ride and having a good time which you don’t always see. And last but not least the vibe with everyone was super awesome! and I think that’s the key to make this such a great scene, everyone is super cool, hard workers and overall good humans!

5. Unfortunately, drama in BMX is everywhere and I'm sure you've notice some here too. Do you have any advice for the younger generation and the riders around Greece?

There’s always some sort of conflict in every scene but is not as crazy as other places I’ve been. However, everywhere you go and in every situation in your life you will run into problems, arguments and different opinions, it takes time to digest the whole issue but once one of the parties is ready to talk I think they should, you don’t have to see eye to eye with someone else but there’s no need to be in bad terms. You can always talk out a problem or misunderstanding.

6. Favorite and worst moment during the trip?

Favorite: All the suvaki I ate. Worse: All the suvaki I ate haha.

7. From your point of view can we do something to improve and make things better?

Do events even if they are at a small scale but you need to do something to promote the sports. Jams, clinics, riding school and whatever it takes to incentive the younger generation and to create trust with the parents who will ultimately have the last word if their kid can ride or not. Regardless if they like contests or not if we want to bring more riders we need to have some sort of structure!

8. Anything else would you like to add? Any last words?

Wanted to thank everyone who made this trip so awesome! Chris, Marios, Panos, Anas, Ilias, all the locals at Warehouse, Paradise, KOS, Nick at Bluenigma and anyone Ive encounter! I hope to be back this summer and have some more fun!