Exclusive Q&A with Kenneth Tencio

Μια exclusive συνετνευξη με τον Kenneth Tencio τον Red Bull rider που εκανε για πρωτη φορα το wall ride to flair tail whip κερδιζοντας το best trick στο Ultimate X που εγινε στο Capetown λιγο καιρο πριν. Δειτε τι απαντησε και και ποιες ειναι οι ιδεες του για να κανεις καινουργια κολπα.

What is a wall ride to flair tail whip exactly – explain it to someone who isn’t into BMX?
Flair whip is one of the tricks that almost every pro park rider around has. It’s a back flip, spinning at 180 degrees and spinning the bike frame at the same time. I wanted to take this to the next level and as the trick name says, I sent it after doing a wall ride.

Why is it such a difficult trick to land?
The trick is hard as the wall is separated from the curve ramp and completely flat so you need to do a bunny hop before getting to the wall, pull way further out and spin faster than normally.

Was it a trick you’d planned for a while?
Yes, I tried a couple of times before, like ten times, but the ramp was kind of skinny so I couldn't land it perfectly. I originally wanted to land it at the Fise China event but I fell hard before the comp. This weekend’s Ultimate X was the perfect place for me to land it.

How big is this for your BMX career?
This represents the beginning of something big. It is always hard to be on the top list as everyone is always improving his riding. It’s an amazing feeling to do something new and this will keep me motivated for what is coming up.

What will be your next big trick?
I have a couple of ideas in my mind already! I’m thinking about building a couple of ramps specific to these tricks to keep improving my riding. I just have to find a way to save money and build it as soon as possible – time passes so quickly and everyone is learning new tricks every day.